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Crop It is a proudly South African brand from start to finish. We believe that it is so important that each of our items are made locally as we really want to focus on rebuilding the fashion production community in South Africa.

Crop It is influenced by the latest fashion trends with an added flare, and we strive to bring our shoppers the trendiest styles from design to concept. We aim to inspire customers to be the best version of themselves and to be confident in their own skin - and of course their outfits.

In an effort to be more sustainable we use a zero-waste pattern cutting technique and cut all our pattern pieces by hand. We do not believe in flooding the market with garment pieces that will only last one season but instead we only produce a limited amount of high-quality items to keep our ecological footprint small and to ensure exclusivity. As exclusivity is at the core of our brand it means that our items don't go out of style, but they quickly go out of stock!


The Crop It girl is empowered, confident and fashion savvy. She lives for neutral tones because she knows that being sexy is 99% attitude but she also loves a little colour every now and then to add some flare to an outfit. The Crop It girl knows what she wants and how to get it- everyone can daydream but she will be hustling to get what she wants and you best believe she will look good doing so.


Although we are based on the fast fashion scheme in terms of our design turnover time we try our best to be as sustainable as possible by following these simple steps: 

  • We only produce a limited amount of each item to ensure minimal waste and do not believe in flooding the market and making hundreds or thousands of items that end up on landfills around the world. 

  • All our packaging at Crop It is paper based- making it biodegradable.

  • We use a minimal waste cutting technique when making up our garments. This allows for minimal waste of fabric.

  • We love our planet and want to do everything we can to lighten our footprint. If you have any ideas of how we can improve this aspect please don't be shy!

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